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Music Stars

Most preschoolers love listening or singing along to music. Studies show that parents who create a rich musical environment do not only entertain their kids but also help them to develop essential music skills.


Music plays a very important part in our culture. When thinking about everyday life, music is present in a variety of social and educational activities. We listen to music on TV or when we go to the movies. Most governmental ceremonies include a component of music while we use songs to celebrate birthdays or to worship god. Given this importance of music, it is no surprise that parents use music instinctively to express joy, and to engage or calm their children.

Music Stars is a program that teaches young children the basics of music. In this class we begin to work on the basics of music, rhythm and tempo.  We incorporate melodies while using fun instruments and turn musical terminology into fun movement.


Music Stars is a year round program and can be taught as an in house field trip, or a school paid enrichment program.  Available to children 3-6 years old.

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