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Camp Fit

We’re looking for a few good kids! 

Our action-packed Fitness Boot Camp is sure to get the troops in shape!  Each session –led by CERTIFIED fitness instructors - involves continuous, vigorous activity that incorporates endurance, strength, flexibility and motor skill development – and FUN! 

Get those schoolers off the video games and into regular weekly work-out regimen!

Training Camp Days include…

  • Obstacle Courses

  • Relay Races

  • Circuit Training

  • Cardiovascular Training

  • Sports Skills Drills

  • Muscular Strength & Endurance Training

  • Speed & Agility Drills

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Character Education

This Military-Style Fun Fitness Class uses energizing music that kids know and love along with fitness equipment and props to add variety and challenge to every class.  We provide 30-45 minutes of VIGOROUS physical activity while teaching the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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