School Partnership

Physical Education is vital to your student’s development and an important component to your curriculum.  Join the many schools in your area that have chosen to OUT-SOURCE their physical education program to us.  With Stretch-n-Grow, you don’t just get the Personnel – you get the Program at a very affordable Price!  We provide the Coach, the Curriculum and the Class!

Our Coaches are:

  • Certified Youth Fitness Trainers

  • Care-Giver Qualified & Screened by MSDH

  • CPR/1st Aid Trained


Our Curriculum includes:

  • New music, lessons and equipment each week

  • “Every Body’s Educated” Weekly Handouts & Newsletters

  • Scope & Sequence tied to State and National Standards


Our Classes include:

  • Components of Fitness (strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, agility, coordination)

  • Fundamental Motor Skills (locomotor, nonlocomotor, manipulative, weight maneuvers)

  • FUN – and that is why kids LOVE Stretch-n-Grow!


Incorporate any of our EXERCITING programs into your curriculum at a low cost or no cost to your school through parent paid options.  Contact us today to see how affordable out-sourcing your physical education needs or providing extracurricular opportunities can be!