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Yoga Stars


Yoga Stars is a program that teaches young children the basics of Yoga. We incorporate stories, music, and play to help children find inner peace in a safe and calm environment. Children will learn breathing, chanting, and relaxation techniques in our class as well as strength and flexibility. Children who participate in yoga report they feel less angry, more relaxed, and are more able to concentrate.


Highlights of Yoga Stars

  • Safe and effective Yoga poses designed for young children

  • Child size mats and equipment

  • Balance, flexibility, and strength incorporated in each practice 

  • Breathing, chanting, and relaxation techniques to encourage self awareness 

  • Themed curriculum taught through storytelling and relaxing music

  • Age-appropriate discussions on important topics relating to Yoga

  • Classes available for ages 18 months-6 year

Yoga Stars is a year round program and can be taught as an in house field trip, enrichment program, or a school paid weekly program

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